Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Gaming â Arran

What with the inimitable ShadowWraith hanging around my house for a bit, there's been ample time for gaming. I must have watched him play through Devil May Cry 3 about seventy times by now. Like the fighting games I occasionally love, it has enormous potential for humour and it is quite visually satisfying too. We played through together with me as the doppelganger and despite not having all that much control over how the game went it was pretty awesome.
Aside from that, I also got to try out two of the random mystery PS2 games I've been acquiring. Daemon Summoner was a complete mystery to me, being devoid of even a wikipedia page and GameFAQ, so I didn't know what to expect, but it was terrible. Reminds me a lot of Turok with the fog and awful frame rate. The crossbow takes an unreasonable amount of time to reload (though somewhat realistic I guess) and the melee weapon seems to do about zero damage. I got to the second level which is a forced stealth section with absolutely no display of enemies around you or even if you're hidden a là Thief, with numerous patrolling guards. Rather than taking the time to learn the routes and timing I switched the game off. One day I'll come back to it, but it may well end up being the last game I ever finish.
The other one is Haven: Call of the King which is not as unknown, but almost as annoying. An action adventure in the vein of Jak and Daxter, it has the same kind of art style and controls, except Haven is sort of sticky and has a large turning circle. It's a shame because it obviously had good production values but screwed everything up in small ways. The game is linear rather than hub-based and the levels take a long time to explore. I don't dread going back to this one but it will take a lot of patience.
Emily picked up Naruto: Rise of a Ninja for me on a whim and despite the potential for terribleness it's actually pretty good. Exploring Konoha is a good deal of fun and the combat is hectic and visceral. It's a shame the DLC is unavailable as I'd like to replace the awful English voice acting and download the free extra characters. I think I'm close to the end of the campaign as I just beat Kiba in exam stage 2. Not bad at all. The camera is stupid though.
I thought it was also high time I finished my easy play through of Earth Defence Force 2017 also. Easy difficulty is very very easy, so it's not much of an accomplishment, but it was pretty cathartic. The last level has a truly insane roster of enemies and I dread to think how many tries it will take on Hard or Inferno. I also played through the first 5 or so levels with Arran on Hard. I'd recommend this game if you really hate ants. Watching them fly about the landscape as you set off explosions everywhere is neato. Also it cracks me up when the soldiers start chanting EDF, EDF!
Also I got 1000g on Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires. I like this series despite the repetitiveness and playing as every musou character as the achievements demand is a good way to experience it. Meng Huo OP!

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