Sunday, 10 February 2013

Resolution Update #2

I finished reading From 0 to Infinity in 26 Centuries, and it was pretty good, but sadly I've read most of it before. I used to read around a lot in college, things connected to my subjects and not (I learnt a lot of philosophy at this point for example) and there were only a few things that were truly novel. I guess it's meant to be more of a reference than a read-through book anyway.

Finished Naruto: Rise of a Ninja yesterday. I still think it's a pretty good game, but the controls were really starting to grate on me at the end. The last few races / social missions are also very strict, which would be okay if it were possible to decide what Naruto will do at any given moment. Definitely want to speedrun this game someday.

Still practising Final Fantasy: Anniversary Edition. I have a bunch of modifications to make because Lenophis has managed an excellent time with some route changes.

Not submitted a speedrun yet. I should probably focus on FFAE until Crystals for Life is over.

Made a neat website for Crystals for Life! It'll be live soon.

I updated a few game statuses that were wrong, so now my Backloggery Unfinished percentage is 80.5

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