Monday, 18 November 2013

I was a big, twenty, noisy wall of dick

So I had a really stupid dream last night. Let's recap.

For some reason I wanted to carry around a cap gun with me (you know those fake guns that just fire smoke basically) while I was walking around, so I put it in my bag and went out. While I was out, there were a bunch of soldiers in fatigues putting down some kind of equipment; I got paranoid that they were bomb sniffing devices and started running to get away.

Suddenly I'm in a car with some kid I don't know and he's complaining that the music on the radio is all old boring stuff. I listen more intently and recognise one of the tracks as a generic 80s synthpop kinda thing. The scene shifts again to a live performance of a glam rock track, complete with spinning camera views and zooming in on tongues etc.

Shortly after that it becomes an documentary about the band that played that track. The voiceover says something about it being "the first song with stacked instruments" and cuts to an interview with the bassist (who is for some reason not actually holding a bass, but a normal guitar).

Guitarist: "So I was just going blang, blang, blang", motioning with highest two strings on guitar, bending them impossibly far away from the guitar with just his fingers.
Interviewer: "What was the inspiration behind the song?"
Guitarist: "I was a big, twenty, noisy wall of dick!"

...I think it's some kind of euphemism for being high?

Analyse that, Freud.

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