Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A New Year, an Old Resolution

So, last year I made a bunch of resolutions and failed all of them, except going to Crystals for Life. I'm going to copy the same list and hope I actually do some more this year. Here's a recap.

Read all the books I got for Christmas
I finished Les Misérables a few days ago, so now that's out of the way I have plenty of books to get through. I also got 4 more this year, so...

Finish FF X-2, XII, XIII for Emily
My furthest XII save is just before the Laboratory. X-2 and XIII will be from the beginning.

Submit a speedrun to SDA which isn't Arcomage
I have several runs to work on and finish. I'm most interested in Enchanted Arms right now but there are plenty of others which can be done.

Go to Crystals for Life
Doing it again this year! I'm going to be running Ultima Underworld 1 & 2, which is a lot of work to remember. I already know how to do UU1 but the route has since been improved so I'll have to study it. Speedrunning UU2 is completely novel to me.

Get my Backloggery Unfinished percentage to below 65%
I just added all the games I got from Emptytye and for Christmas, so Unfinished is now at 78.3% - at my current total, that means I need to beat about 137 games this year. Sheesh.

So, actual game progress. Started Pokémon X in our New Year's hotel room and picked Fennekin because I think it looks the least dumb of the starters. I'm surprised how different this game is to Diamond, seems to run a lot faster, and the 3D graphics work really well. Odd to see Pidgey etc. right out of the gate, but it doesn't matter that much to me. Naming my pokémon after League of Legends characters.

There's a game called Face Raiders which comes preloaded onto all 2DS/3DS handhelds, it's a simple shoot things thingy with some augmented reality thrown in. The face deformation is pretty amusing and I've beaten the first three levels so far; I have Emily, Marc and Jess as well as my own face to shoot. It's not bad, especially for the low, low price of free dollars.

Finally, I've been playing Final Fantasy Dimensions a lot lately, because I really want to get it over with. It's not a bad game, but the dialogue is extremely grating. The job system is very similar to FFV but with an inbuilt grinding limit. The plot is eh, the difficulty is about right, though I'm sure there's some way to break it wide open with the right ability combinations. I'm 38 hours in, and I feel like I'm nearing the end.

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