Sunday, 28 February 2016

#4: WarioWare: Smooth Moves

It's a Wii, Wario!

The WarioWare games are an odd bunch; essentially, you're repeatedly given very simple tasks to do in a tiny time limit. The task is usually obvious, prompted by a short phrase or perhaps even a single word like 'Unlock' or 'Straighten'. Each instalment has taken advantage of some kind of gimmick. 'Twisted' was a GBA game with an accelerometer in the cartridge, so most of its games revolved around spinning the console in some way.

'Smooth Moves' is the Wii game, so of course it relies on its motion controls. For this reason, it's a frustrating mess! I don't enjoy party games most of the time anyway, but when it feels like my inputs only have a vague relation to what happens on-screen, it's much worse. Still, the main factor in winning each 'microgame' is reaction time, so I was able to get through without too much trouble. However, occasionally Emily had to tell me what I was doing wrong. The samurai microgame is particularly egregious, relying on relatively precise Wiimote placement, decent reaction time and a lack of prompts in the harder version.

This in mind, I didn't enjoy WarioWare: Smooth Moves but I can understand people who do. It seems like a decently fun way of wasting time (especially in groups, which it is obviously meant to be played in) - for me, that's exactly the issue. I want games with more depth.

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