Saturday, 3 November 2012

Wakefield CeX

CeX is the greatest shop!

First, some DVDs to watch:

  • The Ultimate Fast Show Collection - this is what we actually came for, so naturally we bought a billion other things too.
  • Lord of the Rings Complete - Special Extended DVD Edition - Emily wanted to see these again; I wonder what the extended edition adds?
  • Iron Man - Emily also wants to see the backstories of the Avengers, as we both really enjoyed that film.
  • Captain America - The First Avenger - ditto
  • I Am Legend - it's not quite the book, but I think it's a really good take, also Will Smith
So now down to the real meat... JAMES:
  • TimeSplitters [PS2] - I have TimeSplitters 2 and like it, so why not?
  • Haven: Call of the King [PS2] - I have no idea what this game is!
  • Eternal Quest [PS2] - I have no idea what this game is either!
  • Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 [360] - ahahaha
  • White Knight Chronicles: Origins [PSP] - kind of a strange entry to the series, but I don't have a PS3
Also went to Games Workshop and bought Warhammer: The Island of Blood, a starter set for Warhammer Fantasy with High Elves vs. Skaven. Emily really wants to paint this stuff! To help with that we also got Hobby Starter Set (set of 9 paints, flocking, brush, glue etc.) and a Chaos Black spray.

No money left now. Noodles for the rest of the month.

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