Saturday, 14 September 2013

Latest Pokémon Champion coming through

My excellent and not at all stupid team took on the entire Elite Four and the Pokémon Champion in Pokémon Diamond with few headaches. At first the sheer level difference was enough to throw me back out, but this game is quite lenient, only charging you the same amount you would have won when you lose, so I rammed into them a few times and lost, only to come back with more experience and Hyper Potions.

Laszlo LUXRAY Lv. 49 OT/Lag.Com
Glen GASTRODON Lv. 50 OT/Lag.Com
Dirk DRIFBLIM Lv. 51 OT/Lag.Com
Evelyn ESPEON Lv. 52 OT/Mercury
Ted TORTERRA Lv. 53 OT/Lag.Com
Rachael RAPIDASH☆ Lv. 43 OT/Lag.Com

Laszlo murdered any Flying types that were thrown at him with a nice Thunder Fang, but was also important for taking out rogue Psychic types with his Crunch. Glen used his sheer bulk to wear down a lot of enemies, with a nice Surf and Ice Beam to take out all-comers. Dirk used his extreme speed to take out a few trouble spots with Fly, while ably absorbing a few hits, then finally taking out an annoying Alakazam with his Aftermath. Evelyn's speed and power made short work of several Pokémon, having to rely only on Psybeam and Last Resort for her attacks. Ted was key, with his incredibly strong Earthquake and Wood Hammer. I had to revive him twice to take on the strong Water/Ground types. Rachael was a newcomer to the team, having replaced my questionably-useful Weavile. Though low level, she was able to destroy a particularly badly-engineered Lopunny with ease, and Fire Blast a Bronzong to death.

All deserve their places in the Hall of Fame.

What do I play next?

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