Friday, 7 October 2011

Final Fantasy VIII (PS1)

Hah, I knew it! I knew I'd forget about this! Anyway.

I'm replaying Final Fantasy VIII so that Emily can see the game behind the hype/nonsense/"Don't think twice for a second" and make her own mind up about it, like I did for FF7. So far things have gone less than smoothly, with my party dying regularly against bosses because I spend too much time in critical, haha. I actually game overed against Elvoret for Pete's sake, but I managed to clutch it out with solo Zell versus Gerogero at least. Now I have 100 Curaga on his HP-J though, so the game is going to be a breeze for some time.

For some strange reason we're naming characters after Wind Waker people and GFs after various types of candy. I may stream our playthrough at some point just to see audience reactions, maybe not.

Anyway I'm up to the "why are Galbadia trying to use the radio tower" part, so it's just about time to show Emily Zell's majorest fuckup in this game. I WILL make her hate Zell!

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