Monday, 31 October 2011


Haven't been playing a single game heavily recently; I tried to continue my playthrough of Final Fantasy VIII for Emily but my PS2 refused to play it last time I asked, but I also have active games on Assassin's Creed and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. I want to finish the first AC again mostly to get everything fresh again for when I start Brotherhood, and FFCC is just because I like it and I want to show Emily how pro I am when the second GBA arrives so we can play together.

Nothing else interesting to say, really. Did some more Quake speedrun practice, got a 30-minute realtime run, which is not exactly impressive to a seasoned runner but it fits into my time slot. In fact, it leaves me 5 minutes to finish the secret levels in case whatever extra donation total we decide on is met, which is probably enough. It's just so annoying to keep on running and running and come up very short on the great Connor Fitzgerald's record run. Also I spent 4 minutes trying to get the jump on e3m1 this time, haha.

Oh, also Bruce has been really talkative today, lots of nice chirps and cheeps and burbles.

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