Thursday, 3 November 2016

#14: Dynasty Warriors 5

After a drought, a deluge!

Taking pity on me, Emily chose Dynasty Warriors 5 as the next game for me to beat. Accordingly, I've already played through one character's story and started another for good measure.

DW5 is somewhere of a middle ground between the new, extremely easy titles and the ridiculously difficult ones like DW3. This is mainly the result of more rapid weapon acquisition and missile weapons not knocking you over. Having a bodyguard around with which to activate Double Musou is also very useful. I think this is also the last in the series to have the bow as an alternate weapon?

Killing ludicrous hordes of Chinese guys is as fun as ever. They're perhaps a little more aggressive than before, which means you usually have to at least consider the possibility that you'll get knocked out of combos; the counterattack move is often a sure bet. As for officers, their AI seems the same, though for some reason, weapon clashes seem to happen more frequently. However, everyone still says "Cow Cow".

These minor changes between iteration really make me want to put together some kind of document describing exactly how the Musou series have progressed. I spy another Google spreadsheet or two in my future.

In other news, I've started work on a fairly simple roguelike game written in Game Maker Studio. It's quite a new experience, though it bears some similarity to The Games Factory, which I used decades ago. I have other game projects, but it has been difficult to work up enthusiasm for them because there is so much left to do. Hopefully, learning a new environment/language will give me the impetus to finish a game for once.

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