Sunday, 1 January 2017

Twenty Seventeen

As ever, Christmas has been kind to me. Though I must sound like a broken record by now, I am eternally grateful to my family, old and new, for giving me such welcome gifts.

I don't want to write a list of presents, but I will say there were a few games I'll be reporting on in this new year. There were also a bunch of Japanese import games I ordered a few weeks ago to be delivered to my in-laws' house for simplicity.

My resolutions from last year lay in tatters; such things have never really motivated me. I shall simply state that I will put more time toward learning Japanese (so I can play my imports comfortably) and creating a video game this year.

I did manage to beat a game on the plane to America, so I guess I'll be talking about that soon, though it is not one of my "picked by other people" series.

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