Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dungeon Defenders (PC)

So I bought Dungeon Defenders very recently because a few other SDA members wanted to get the group pack thing. I had it on my wishlist ever since it got announced more than a year ago and now that it's out, here's my thoughts.

It's pretty good. I tried playing the little mage dude in single player for a while and I'm not sure he's very good on his own. Either that or I just don't know how to use him. His secondary attack is an AoE pushback which makes no sense if you want to use it for damage, I guess the push is more important. Then I went online and made a Huntress and ever since this niiiiice weapon dropped I've just been standing behind other people's traps and shooting stuff until it dies. I'm not sure focusing solely on character stats rather than trap stats is a good idea, but well... guess I'll find out. I suppose it just means that all the defense points go to my allies who will presumably have put some points in stats so they can better use them. I'll just stand around going pew pew pew.

Not a massive surprise, but it would be more fun if I had 3 other people to yell at frantically. Playing with randoms on the internet has actually been a pretty good experience, strangely. I guess I'll play some League of Legends now to remember how that usually goes.

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