Saturday, 19 November 2011

Anypet (Dream)

So for some reason I move out into the country (I think it's someplace in China or Tibet) where a distant relative of mine lives in a very old farm. I often notice the farm has lots of animals around (not too unusual) but the variation is crazy, with lots of birds I've never seen before and also llamas and giant horned turtles etc. One night I'm helping out in the big barn on the property and it suddenly gets dark so I decide to sleep there. When I wake up the next morning there's a huuuuuuge bright pink cat cuddled up to me so I decide to keep it as a pet. Stuff like this happens again and again, with yet odder animals being found, and I come to the conclusion that this barn is some kind of... portal to THE ANIMAL PLANE or something.

I decide to set up an exotic pet shop and have it built on the farm. People come from pretty much everywhere to see my crazy stock so I make a website for it and I get ridiculous amounts of hits and orders. To fill quotas I start training some of the animals to do the catching for me. I dinstictly remember watching a large parrot nudge a smaller bird into a cage and closing it for me. Clever parrot! Also a grizzly bear very daintily picking up a jerboa or something and brushing its fur for some reason.

My well-trained animals hit the headlines and a circus director comes to ask me if he could use them in his acts but I say no because I don't want them mistreated or anything. For some reason this provokes him to have my distant-family-member-who-I-don't-remember-at-all assassinated so I buy the land with my newfound wealth and live there forever cataloguing the stranger and stranger animals that appear from my barn.

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