Sunday, 13 November 2011

Tekken 6 (360)

I recently grabbed Tekken 6 because I wanted a new PSP memory card to replace that infeasibly small one, and decided to buy a game at the same time. I've wanted to see how the series has come out for a long time; the last game I played was Tekken 4 which I kinda enjoyed, but the massive focus on wallhits was annoying. So, how's 6?

Pretty similar. Wallhits are still important but juggling is far more so; even the standard AI will take time out to juggle the crap out of you if it hits a launcher, so one hit turns into a lot of damage quickly. It's still a fun game to just pull out and play, though. Everyone has a zillion moves as ever.

The main difference in 6 is the addition of the 'Scenario Mode', which has a horrible and nonsensical plot tied together with voice actors all speaking different languages for no apparent reason but all able to understand each other perfectly. Alisa has to have some of the most horrible visual design I've ever seen (and I've played Final Fantasy 10/12/13) but the campaign is actually pretty fun once you get used to the strange hybrid controls. I mostly played through with Lei instead of Lars because Lars is an idiot. The optional stages are a large leap in difficulty, especially the well-named Nightmare Train which took me over 2 hours to beat.

You also unlock a crapload of different clothes for your character to wear by playing Scenario, although most of them are just palette swaps. The potential is there to make people look rather dashing or completely stupid, which is always welcome.

Haven't tried online play yet.

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