Thursday, 29 September 2011

Super Mario World (SNES)

I am really terrible at Mario. I kinda remember finishing Super Mario Bros. when I had my first NES back in the recesses of my memories, but I'm pretty sure I never finished SMB3, and I only briefly played SMW at the school creche thingy.

Emily and I played a little hot-seat SMW and I performed really badly, haha. There's something about the really slidy controls and the fact that there are four buttons (seriously, Mega Drive only had 3, and in Sonic they all did the same thing!!!!) that just makes me die, a lot. Also why can't you let go of the 'grab' button to drop stuff, he just kicks it like a jerk. Damn you, Mario.

Anyway, only played briefly today, and got to Donut Plains 2. Two switch palaces completed.

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