Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ultima: Exodus (NES)

So I chuck this thing in my new NES and spend a while humming and hawing while I design a party based on vague assumptions about the game's classes. Emily and I team up with Marc and Jess for a truly formidable combination of DotCom and Dziesomethingski power. Ended up with Wzrd/Pldn/Ftr/Clrc.

You start on the world map? Wow... okay, walk into nearby village. Look at all the shops, every party member starts with 100g and that's enough to buy everyone a Mace, but I can't use them. Three Maces it is, I guess I'll keep most of my money ready for buying money or so on.

Holy crap I opened a treasure chest and it poisoned everyone. That's 400g down the drain just to cure everyone! About this point I looked in my spell list and noticed 'Open'... which negates chest traps. Okay.

Grinding seems easy. Everyone except Marc has a spell which can devastate an entire enemy party. However, experience is only given to the person who gets the kill, which means Marc is levelling slowly... I'll have to let him get a lot of hits in. Thankfully mana regenerates pretty quickly, so I can just powerheal him.

Got everyone to level two and also a bunch of gold... bought two Spears for Marc and Emily to use. Armour is really expensive... have to work on that soon, Cloth seems to give barely any protection, and Leather is quite a big investment. Wandered around a bit more, found a town called Dawn...?

Dawn is cool, it has a TON of stuff I can't afford yet, and it disappears when there isn't a double new moon. Unfortunately my game for today ended here because I stole everything from the general store and then got massacred by guards. Naturally I rolled with this, being a battle-hardened WRPG player. Lord British resurrects Marc and I realise I only have enough gold to resurrect two people. Hrmmm... I go to the hospital, and guess what, both resurrections fail! I now have two piles of ashes instead of corpses, which can't be fixed as far as I know.

Exodus is really mean. I'll finish it though, I swear.

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